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Choose God's Blessing for Your Life! (Psalm 1:1-6)
Sermon Notes
Sunday, 16 September 2012 00:00

Introduction: Psalm 1 and 2 serve as an apt introduction to the Psalter (Book of Psalms), with Psalm 1 focused on the individual believer’s walk with the LORD and Psalm 2 on the nation of Israel and the opposition of Gentiles to the Messianic King.

A choice is set forth for the believer in Psalm 1: (A) Be serious about learning God’s Word and applying it to our lives, and experience God’s blessing; or (B) Fail to walk in fellowship with God through His Word and experience His discipline. If enough people do that, then there will be not only individual discipline, but national discipline as well.

As we read the Bible, we need to keep in mind the distinction between (1) Having everlasting life (positionally) and (2) having it more abundantly (experientially), i.e., experiencing and enjoying the everlasting life we’ve been given or experiencing temporal perishing in judgment.

1:1 Believers experience God’s blessings when they reject ungodly, sinful, scoffing counsel.
A progression: walk (with ungodly) – stand (with sinners) – sit (with scoffers)
A blessed believer will steer away from ideas and things that keep him/her from (v 2).

1:2 Believers experience God’s blessings when they delight in God’s Word throughout the day.
“day and night” means regularly
“delight” involves focus upon something with great hope and expectation, something you truly enjoy!

1:3 Believers experience God’s blessings because they will be like a tree transplanted by channels of irrigation water and will bear seed in season and have full, healthy foliage in season.
“like a tree (seedling) planted (transplanted) by rivers (channels) of (irrigation) water”
Transplanted seedlings in an irrigated orchard will (1) receive water, (2) bear fruit in season, whose (3) leaf will not wither (in season) because it is nourished by the water (of the Word).
Hebrew word (shatal) = “to transplant” (Ps 1:2; 92:13; Jer 17:8; Ezk 17:8, 10, 22, 23; 19:10, 23; Hosea 9:13)
The fact that we are pictured as being transplanted implies the care and provision and protection that is provided by the divine horticulturist, our heavenly Father.

A believer who delights in the Word will be productive, in contrast to the believer who is coming under divine discipline due to failure to learn, apply and delight in God’s Word (vv 4-6).

1:4 Unlike the blessed believers who delight in God’s Word and resemble nurtured fruit trees, ungodly believers forfeit the enjoyment of long-term blessing and have little value at threshing time. Ungodly believers are worthless as chaff, irritating to others and disapproved by God.

1:5 Ungodly believers will not emerge from the judgment seat standing and they will have no standing in the congregation of the righteous.

1:6 The LORD prospers the way of righteous believers, but the way of ungodly believers will be disciplined (the background for Psalm 1 is the land covenant and the blessings and cursings of Deuteronomy 28 – 30).
The LORD knows the way of the righteous in contrast with the fleeting status of the way of the wicked.
The word “know” in this context: the LORD blesses the way of the righteous believer both now, in the judgment, and in terms of rewards bestowed following the judgment.
The word “perish” does not speak here of people perishing, but of their way (of living) perishing.

The choice is mine! Will I choose to delight in the Word so that I’m directed by the LORD? If so, I will bear fruit (and seed) in life and will be rewarded. But if I delight in that which takes me away from the LORD and His Word, I will be as useless as chaff in this life, will be broken down at the judgment seat, and will be without significant reward in the Kingdom.





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