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Tracking Timothy (Various Scriptures)
Sermon Notes
Sunday, 23 September 2012 00:00


Last Sunday we overviewed Timothy’s life and saw that he was :

1. Devoted to Christ Jesus
Timothy, the Devout Youth – a student of the Word

2. Devoted to the Apostle Paul
Timothy, the Devoted Apprentice – an understudy of the apostle Paul

3. Devoted to serving Christ’s Church
Timothy, the Dependable Leader – a steward of the ministry *

Paul told Timothy to “remain in Ephesus” (1 Timothy 1:3) and guard the church there from doctrinal impurity.
What is a false teaching that was causing problems for the church at Ephesus?
(1 Timothy 6:5)
“godliness is a means of gain”

What was the antidote to this poisonous “prosperity” preaching? (1 Timothy 6:6).
“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.”

** 1 Timothy 6:3 Teachers who contradict and disagree with the wholesome words of Jesus Christ and with teaching leading to godliness have problems, which are detailed in the following verses.

6:4-5 Teachers who contradict and disagree with the wholesome words of our Lord Jesus Christ and with teaching leading to godliness are arrogant, ignorant, craving disputes over words that lead to envy, strife, insults, reviling and evil suspicions, constant frictions of corrupt-minded men who are robbed-of-truth, who imagine that godliness is a road to financial gain.
Bottom line: Falsehood leads to ungodliness.
6:5b Timothy is to withdraw himself from such men.

6:6 In contrast with viewing godliness as a road to (financial) gain, godliness is (itself) great gain, if we are content (with what God has given).

6:7-8 The basis of contentment is that we brought nothing into this world and we will not carry anything out of it, so we shall be content with food and clothing.

6:9 Those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and harmful lusts that lead to (temporal) destruction.

6:10 Love of money is a root for a whole array of evil that has caused some to stray from the faith in greediness, resulting in self-inflicted misery.

The word translated “contentment” (1 Tim 6:6) is translated “sufficiency” in 2 Corinthians 9:8. These words are derived from the word translated “content” in Philippians 4:11. To Paul, contentment meant a heartfelt satisfaction with whatever situation God placed him in.
The verb found in 1 Timothy 6:8, translated “we shall be content,” is also found in
2 Corinthians 12:9 (“My grace is sufficient for you”) and in Hebrews 13:5 (“be content with such things as you have”).

Situations change. Circumstances shift. Life is in flux. Financial prosperity may abruptly fade. The good job, good health, the golden days when everything is going right – can all change in the blink of an eye. Overnight. Nevertheless a Christian can be content. Satisfied. At peace.
He can know that whatever comes into his life enters only by his Father’s loving permission (as in Job 1:8-12) and will result in his/her ultimate good (Romans 8:28).
Lord, help me to be a contented man – a contented woman – contented in Christ – in whatever situation You choose to bring into my life today.
Help me Lord, as only You can, to live this day to the full, devoted to You in every way.

(Hat tips to:
* "Talk Thru Bible Personalities" and
** "Notes from the desk of Dr. John Niemela - 1 Timothy")






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